Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency for Algorithms and Software

We believe that software can be used for the greater good if deployed in a thoughtful, fair, and accountable way. As AI, machine learning, data science, and other data-driven technologies grow in importance and penetrate many aspects of modern society, lack of trust in these systems or fear they propagate bias and opacity limits their application.

But it is possible to build software systems that meet expectations of fairness, accountability, and transparency for users and the public. The shift to data-oriented technologies complicates traditional technology governance, making traditional privacy, security, and compliance programs inadequate.

As leading experts in the field of responsible technology design and development, we can bring ideas from the cutting edge of research to your business.

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Technology Ethics, Public Policy, and Corporate Strategy

Let Rocky Coast Research help you determine how technology and data ethics can improve your business strategy and how to engage emerging public debates around software responsibility.

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Available Services

With a team of leading researchers and practitioners in computer science, law, and public policy, Rocky Coast Research is prepared to help your business develop and deploy software and data technologies in a responsible and legal way. Contact us to discuss how!

Audits and Reviews

Data processing reviews and algorithm audits can help you uncover compliance problems, unseen biases, and business opportunities. Similarly, we can help your organization perform privacy or data protection impact assessments (PIAs or DPIAs), which are required by law in many situations.

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Speaking & Training

Bring the experts from Rocky Coast Research to your next event to talk about security, privacy, fairness, bias, ethics and more in software, machine learning, data science, and AI! We can also provide onsite or remote training in practical data responsibility, machine learning fairness, ethics and more to your staff.

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System Design, Program Development & Strategy

Let us help you design systems that are aware of privacy, security, fairness, accountability, and transparency by design. We can also help you establish and manage programs, strategies, and policies to continue responsible technology development over the long term.

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Public Policy

Use our expertise and vast network to connect with policymakers at all levels of government domestically and internationally to engage and understand emerging policy around privacy, security, and data governance.

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