About Us

Since 2017, Rocky Coast Research has helped clients balance business interests with responsibility and user trust


Rocky Coast Research was founded in 2017 to provide advice on the emerging field of fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics in computer systems. We believe firmly that it is possible to build trustworthiness into systems without compromising business goals by using best-of-breed technologies and accompanying business practices. You can read more about our philosophy.

We offer world-class support for anyone who wants to understand the latest and greatest in data-oriented technologies such as machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. Specifically, we identify where these technologies create problems with compliance or user trust and propose mitigations.

Our Security and Privacy practice provides similar guidance around the latest technology in security and privacy. We believe it is necessary to have a robust security and privacy program in place as part of a larger data governance and responsible technology program. This practice integrates security and privacy into data governance practices in order to build robust compliance programs.

What we do

At Rocky Coast Research, our growing team of leading researchers and practitioners in computer science, data analysis, law, public policy, and social science can help your business avoid the compliance pitfalls and reputational missteps associated with unintentional bias and discrimination. Specifically, it has become important in many contexts to satisfy abstract, amorphous requirements such as fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics. This stands in contrast to traditional product design and requirements gathering, which relies on requirements being concrete and easily implementable. At Rocky Coast Research, we believe you don't need to define fairness to prevent unfairness and that cutting-edge technical solutions for building computer systems in a responsible way are ready to be deployed in the real world.

The Team

Rocky Coast Research was founded by Dr. Joshua A. Kroll in 2017 to address the growing interest in building technologies that are responsive to their normative social, political, and legal contexts. Together with a network of leading experts in this emerging field and in security, privacy, and technology policy, Joshua is ready to address your these needs, big and small.